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Programs and Goals


Co-op Program 

The Co-operative education program integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace.  The program is based on a partnership between the school and the business or industry.  Students experience the practical aspects of the job and the expectations of the employer while providing credits toward their graduation diploma.  


Gatt Electric is very proud to be able to participate in the Co-operative Placement Program with our area high school students who show an interest in gaining knowledge and experience in the electrical field.  Through the co-op program, students have the opportunity to learn the trade and develop their skills under the guidance of an experienced electrician as their mentor and placement supervisor.  


In the past, the opportunity of a full time position has become available to co-op students who show potential during their work experience program with us. 


Apprenticeship Program 


Prior to being hired, one must be enrolled in or have completed the Apprenticeship program.  Apprentices serve a 9, 000 hour apprenticeship with 840 hours allocated to in-school training.  The theory courses prepare students to become journey person electricians by completing the required technical training.  Upon successfully completing in-school and on-the-job training, students write the Ontario Certificate of Qualifications trade exam.  Those attaining a minimum of 70 per cent are eligible to work in other provinces participating in the Red-seal program. Contact your local Apprenticeship Branch Office of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for start dates. 


Our Goals


Our goal at Gatt Electric is simple – to deliver revolutionary products and extraordinary customer service.  Our goals are accomplished by a commitment from every employee.
Our values and beliefs require that we:


  • Deliver competitive, quality products and service to our customers.

  • Make a “Do It Right the First Time” commitment as a team to assure continued growth.

  • If problems do arise, provide the most effective and efficient corrective action to resolve them and determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.

  • Foster an open door policy that encourages interaction and discussion of ideas to improve the work environment and thus increase our productivity.  Gatt Electric encourages all managers and supervisors to involve employees in problem solving and creative processes.

  • Treat each employee fairly and with mutual respect.  Gatt Electric does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


Contact Us

Contact Us

From design to finish, our estimators, project managers and technicians provide the expertise to ensure your electrical project is completed on time, on budget and up to code. Contact us today and we'll show you how we can put our knowledge to work for you.


When to Call a Pro


Don't wait until you have six electronic devices going into one outlet, and you smell wiring burning while the lights dim after you turn on your air conditioner. Contact us as soon as you have any questions about your electrical system. Your safety is paramount.

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